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General Wards

As long as you’re here to stay, we try our best to make your day!

The male and female wards have 19 beds each, including double and single bed rooms. In VIP rooms, amenities include TV, refrigerator, furniture and telephone.

The hospital follows a strict infection control system in the hospital. However, it is advisable that children are not brought into the wards.

As every patient has the right of privacy and confidentiality, the hospital advises that no photographs or videos be taken in the wards.

Patient can opt to be admitted to a ward or room based on his or her choice.


The ward configuration at The Ebnesina Hospital was designed specifically with the comfort and safety of the patients in mind.

-Presence of experienced and specialist doctors

-Quality nursing care

-International standards of infection control

-Patient Centred care

-Coordinated care

-Compassionate care

“In private rooms, an accompanying person can be present at the patient’s bedside 24 hours a day after paying the usual fees.”

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