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Medication Care

Ebnesina Pharmacy is a supplier of medicine and equipment needed by patients and respected clients, and in line with the well-being of dear patients, if there is no medicine in this pharmacy, the patient’s prescription will be prepared from other centers. In this section, it is also possible to deliver expensive drugs with the insurance of the contracting party.

If a prescribed medicine does not exist, the pharmacy will buy it from other centers. In the Ebnesina Hospital Pharmacy, expensive medicines are provided with insurance plans of contracted insurance companies.

Some benefits of pharmaceutical care:

  • Providing expensive drugs with insurance
  • Controlling drug interactions of patients
  • Preparation of rare drugs and special prescriptions
  • Head and neck cancers

This department monitors the correctness and accuracy of medication use by daily control of drug interactions of patients, while supplying drugs to patients with daily visits by the clinical pharmacist. This section prepares every day except holidays

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