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Ebnesina Hospital’s audiologists offer therapeutic measures to treat patients suffering from hearing and balance problems.

Audiology Clinic of Ebnesina Hospital offers the following services:

  • Audiology test

  • Balance assessments

  • Cochlear implant

  • Electroacoustic evaluation of hearing aids

  • Electronystagmography

  • Evaluation and prescription of hearing aids

  • Hearing and balance disorders

  • Hearing tests

  • Newborn hearing screening program

  • Children’s hearing test

کلینیک شنوایی ابن سینا

Hearing loss in children

There are different types and degrees of hearing problems and hearing loss. It is important to know that even a mild hearing loss can have a significant impact on a child’s ability to learn from a communication and educational perspective.

Degrees of hearing and hearing loss include the following:

  • – Normal
  • – Mild
  • – Medium
  • – Moderate to severe
  • – Severe
  • – Deep

There are different types of hearing loss, which can be mentioned below.

  • Sensory-neural hearing loss that includes the cochlea or the auditory nerve
  • Conductive hearing loss involving the outer or middle ear systems
  • Combined hearing loss, which is a combination of sensor neural and conductive


Causes of hearing loss


Hearing loss can have many reasons, some of the most common ones are mentioned below.

  • – Obstruction in the outer ear (for example, wax, foreign body)
  • – Damage to the eardrum or middle ear bone
  • – Ear infection
  • – Being exposed to loud noises
  • – Genetic conditions – heredity
  • – Head injury (skull fracture)
  • – Congenital agents (toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus and syphilis)
  • – Some diseases such as influenza, meningitis, laryngitis, ear infections, mumps, etc.
  • – Ototoxic drugs (toxic to the ear)

Ebnesina hearing aid

Ebnesina Hospital equipped with the most advanced facilities and covered by various health insurances in the field of ordering hearing aids; adjust and repair your loved ones.

Considering that there are different models of hearing aids in the market, it is very important to know the types of hearing aids and their characteristics and the type of hearing aids that can cover your needs.

Ebnesina hearing aid clinic offers you the best and most suitable type of hearing aid by performing various hearing tests and based on the characteristics of your earlobe. In addition to being economical, to solve your hearing problem, we will review the types of hearing aids available in the market below:

سنجش شنوایی بیمارستان ابن سینا

Ebnesina behind hearing aid:

Ebnesina’s hearing aid is one of the best-selling types of hearing aids available in the clinic. This hearing aid is placed in the upper part of the external ear and the sound is directed to the ear canal through the tube, and it is close to the eardrum and it is custom made according to the skin and hair color of the people. It is one of the features of this hearing aid.

Advantages of Ebnesina’s hearing aid

  • Sound amplification capability
  • Increasing the coverage range of sounds
  • Increased efficiency and longer life
  • Having protection against dust
  • The ability to change the volume and program
  • Having different sizes and colors
  • Ease of battery replacement
  • Wireless connection capability

The price of Ebnesina behind-the-ear hearing aids

The price starts from one million TOMANS on average and reaches ten million TOMANS at the highest level of technology.\

Ebnesina Hospital, covered by various insurances, you can purchase hearing aids according to your needs by getting expert advice.


Ebnesina in-ear hearing aid model IIC, Invisible in Canal:

Ebnesina in-ear hearing aids are the smallest customized hearing aids in this collection and only the end part of them is visible. The use of these hearing aids requires training, which is given to the clients in the specialized laboratory of Ebnesina Hospital.

These hearing aids are very small and so called invisible hearing aids and the sound clarity is very high.

Of course, this hearing aid is not suitable for everyone and must be ordered according to the appearance of the earlobe, and its battery life is shorter than other types of hearing aids.

نوبت دهی آنلاین 1


Ebnesina in-ear hearing aid model (CIC) completely in canal

Ebnesina’s in-ear hearing aids are custom-made and molded from the ear of a hearing-impaired person and have options such as volume control and program change. And all its parts are placed inside the ear and prescribed for all types of hearing loss

The price of this type of Ebnesina in-ear hearing aid is quite affordable and economical considering its features.

Ebnesina in-ear hearing aid, ITC model

This type of Ebnesina ITC in-ear hearing aid fills half of the earlobe and has all the features of the CIC hearing aid, only some of them are bigger. These hearing aids have a directional microphone to receive sounds clearly.

The parts and components of the ITC hearing aid are placed inside a plastic shell and are individually molded for each individual.



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