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At the Urology Clinic of Ebnesina, we serve female, male and pediatric patients in different areas of practice for various diseases, such as urinary incontinence, prostate and kidney cancers, kidney stones, male infertility, kidney dysfunction, etc.

Each of our surgeons and team members are leading doctors in their field of expertise who are ready to serve clients by combining experience and knowledge with therapeutic skills and the ability to use different methods.


بخش مجاری ادراری بیمارستان ابن سینا


Some of the specialized treatment services provided in the kidney and urinary tract surgery clinic of Ebnesina Hospital:


  • Prostate cancer surgery
  • Kidney cancer surgery
  • Urinary problems in adults and children
  • Infertility and male sexual disorders
  • Opening the vasectomy
  • Nephrolithotomy
  • Treatment of kidney stones with ureteroscopy
  • Pediatric urology
  • Urinary incontinence surger

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