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فتق کشاله ران
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How to Treat Inguinal and Femoral Hernia With Laparoscopy

An inguinal hernia is a bulging of the contents of the abdomen through a weak area in the lower abdominal wall.

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عصب کشی و درمان ریشه دندان
medical content

Root canal treatment – nerve removal

Root canal therapy is a treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or infected.

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حساسیت فصلی

How can I get rid of my seasonal allergies?

Seasonal allergies are sometimes called “hay fever” or seasonal allergic rhinitis. These allergy symptoms happen during certain times of the year, usually when trees, grasses, and weeds release tiny pollen particles into the air to fertilize other plants.

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جراحی چاقی

Frequently asked questions about bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery defines a group of surgical interventions which help people lose weight, induce remission of obesity-related diseases, and improve quality of life.

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پروتز دندان
medical content

Dental prostheses

Dental prosthesis is known as one of the most important and widely used methods of oral and dental beauty.

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ناشنوایی و کم شنوایی
medical content

Deafness and hearing loss

Over 5% of the world’s population – or 430 million people – require rehabilitation to address their disabling hearing loss .

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Sex Reassignment Surgery

Sex Reassignment Surgery in Iran

Sex reassignment surgery requires legal permits, and it is up to the experts to determine who needs gender reassignment.

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عمل دیسک کمر با لیزر

Laser Spine Surgery

If back disc pain bothers you, forget your worries, because by using laser disc, you can achieve the best desired result without any complications.

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شکستگی استخوان ترقوه

Fracture of the clavicle in adults and children

Fractures of the clavicle are relatively common, accounting for about five percent of all fractures in adults.

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