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International patients Department

Located at top floor, a beautiful and quiet part of the hospital, is our International Patient Department which is specifically designed for our patients from around the world. This department is consisting of a separate “express admission unit. The admission process in this department is done from the arrival of patients to the hospital and even before that.

The general goal of this department is to provide special services in the fastest possible time, outside of the appointment in a special way and at the lowest cost to international patients.

In this department, with the presence of experts in English, Arabic and, if necessary, other languages, the information of the patients provided by them or their representatives is sent to the head of the department, so that after conducting the necessary investigations, the necessary actions are taken. The purpose is to refer the patients to the specialized departments of the hospital and to carry out the necessary treatment process on the patients.

All services provided to the patients of this department are VIP and translators are present in the department for a long time to provide services to patients and companions.

It should be noted that Ebnesina Hospital is a party to the contract with CIGNA and SOS international insurances.

Special services for international patients:

  • Accompanying from airport to airport
  • Planning the trip
  • Face-to-face and online counseling
  • Experts in different languages
  • Conducting special travel tours for clients upon the request of patients or colleagues

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