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Preparations for Endoscopy and colonoscopy preparations

Colonoscopy preparation form:

Performing an accurate colonoscopy depends on the cleanliness of the colon, and the cleanliness of the colon depends on the strict compliance with the conditions of the present instructions and the maximum use of fluids during the hours of preparation and walking.

A colonoscopy exam allows your doctor to see the inside of your large intestine (colon) and rectum. It’s one of the most efficient ways for doctors to:

-Look for colon polyps

-Find the source of unusual symptoms

-Detect colon cancer

-What to Eat (and What to Avoid) Before Your Colonoscopy

The main purpose of the bowel preparation before your colonoscopy is to completely empty and cleanse the entire colon. Eating low-fiber foods for several days before your colonoscopy can make the process easier for you while ensuring there are no fiber residues left in the colon. You also will be asked to avoid several types of food and anything that contains red or purple food coloring (natural or artificial).

The patient must be fast 7 hours before the endoscopy.

Medicines needed:

-Four packets of PEG powder or Pidrolox or Colotrans, one glass every half an hour from 8 am

-Two metoclopramide tablets

-Ten bisacodyl should be taken two times every two hours.

-4 Bisacodyl suppositories

-Consumption of dairy products (milk, buttermilk and yogurt) is prohibited.

The day before:

The morning before the colonoscopy, dissolve each packet of powder in 4 glasses of water or simple fruit juice such as peach or apricot and consume one glass continuously every half hour until 5 packets are completed.

Metoclopramide tablets should be taken if you have nausea.


-Avoid taking warfarin tablets 5 days before and Plavix 3 days before.

-In case of heart diseases, blood pressure, kidney diseases, diabetes, pregnancy, hepatitis or a history of chemotherapy, be sure to inform the doctor and the head of the department.

-Please take a shower before visiting.

Patient Preparation Instructions for Imaging Examinations

-B.E (color photo of the large intestine): taking castor oil, dimethicone tablets and the patient should be fasting.

-I.V.P (color photo of the kidneys): use castor oil, dimethicone tablets, the patient should be fasting. Before doing IVP, the patient should examine blood creatinine test.

-K.U.B (simple photo of the abdomen): use castor oil, dimethicone tablets, the patient should be fasting.

-U.P.G.I (color photo of esophagus, stomach, and duodenum): the patient should fast for 6 hours.

-B.M (color photo of the stomach): The patient should fast for 6 hours.

-HSG (color photo of the uterus): 2 days after menstruation and also from the start of menstruation until before performing the service, do not have sex.

-Abdominal and pelvic CT scan without injection: Drink 4 glasses of water every 15 minutes.

-CT scans with injection: for people over 50 years old and people with liver and kidney problems


-Blood creatinine test (CR)

-Stop metformin 24 hours before CT scan and 48 hours after

-Should be fast for 4 hours.

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