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The ICU intensive care Unit of Ebnesina Hospital is designed in accordance with the latest world standards and compliance with the international principles of the ICU department.

The department consists of 10 beds and one isolated bed in a separate area which has the most advanced equipment and care facilities for patients with critical conditions and is managed by ICU specialists.


  • All beds are of the three-crank type with position adjustability for long-term hospitalization. Beds are equipped with full monitoring of vital signs, a central monitoring system for round-the-clock control at the nurses’ station and respiratory devices (ventilators) with adjustable respiratory modes.

  • Patients are admitted to this unit from the emergency room, the operating room (for postoperative care), and inpatient care units, if intensive care is needed.
  • ICU is properly managed with proficient physicians, trained and experienced nursing staff, and provision of necessary medical facilities.
  • The experienced and compassionate personnel of ICU is constantly receive necessary education and trainings in order to update the treatment and care skills of hospitalized patients


بخش مراقبت های ویژه ICU بیمارستان ابن سینا

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