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Obstetrics & Gynecology

The Gynecology and Obstetrics of Ebnesina Hospital has been established to provide special cares during pregnancy in order to improve the level of medical cares of this group of patients. Using the modern equipment, the up-to-date knowledge of the physicians and experienced personnel, this department tries to provide the medical services needed by pregnant women in the best possible way. In this department, women who are candidates for normal vaginal delivery or cesarean section and patients with gynecological disease receive the highest quality medical services.

Obstetrics & Gynecology Clinic at Ebnesina Hospital is in position to take good care of pregnant women. The clinic is outfitted with modern diagnostic equipment and therapeutic instrument, accoutered with amenities in a relaxing, highly private environment designed and built with true understanding of the needs of both the patients and families.

In this ward, with the possibility of the presence of the spouse during the natural birth, the mother and the baby will enjoy strength of heart and confidence. All stages of normal vaginal delivery in this department are performed by trained staff and experienced midwives in all shifts. These special cares make the mother and the baby have a pleasant and memorable experience during the delivery process and after.

Pregnancy and bringing a new life into the world are an occasion full of joy, happiness, expectations, and at same time concerns for the unexpected. Therefore, our experienced obstetric specialist’s, expert nurses and staff are important persons helping parents and their families prepare for a new family member with peace of mind and comfort.

Our team of experienced providers offers complete obstetrics and gynecological services for all ages in a variety of welcoming and inclusive environments that reduce healthcare stigma and improve patient outcomes. Whether our provider is located in the Primary Care Clinics or the Obstetrics & Gynecology Clinic, they support patients with personal health goals from family planning to ongoing reproductive health by providing accurate information and options to ensure whole-person care.

Some of the services provided in the maternity block are as follows:

– Giving birth using epidural anesthesia (anesthesia from the lower back)

-Childbirth using anesthetic gases

-Childbirth using pain-free drugs

-Use of drugs without side effects for mother and baby

-Water birth

Painless delivery

In the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Ebnesina Hospital, painless childbirth is performed in modern and advanced delivery rooms under the supervision of gynecologists and anesthesiologists.

Neonatal ward

The neonatal department of Ebnesina Hospital provides comprehensive services for the care of children and newborn patients by using the doctors who specialize in neonates and the permanent presence of experienced pediatric specialists and experienced nurses by their side.

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