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Welcome to Cardiac Care Unit providing a total of 4 beds which is located in third floor of Ebnesina hospital. A dedicated team of cardiac nurses provide specialist nursing care to patients with cardiology needs.

Cardiac care units are specially staffed and equipped to treat and manage issues that are unique to heart patients, especially when continuous monitoring is required.

Nurses, technicians, and physicians who have been specially trained to take care of people with serious cardiac conditions attend to patients 24 hours a day, in a much higher staff-to-patient ratio than in a typical hospital unit.

All patients admitted to the CCU are placed on a cardiac monitor, which records and analyzes each beat of the heart and will sound an alarm to alert the staff if serious arrhythmias occur.

You can visit your patients in this department from 15:00 to 16:00 every day, which makes it possible to visit patients by following some rules and orders of the nurses.”

The Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CCU) was first established in the 1960s when it was determined that direct and accurate monitoring by trained and specialized staff, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and medical procedures could reduce the mortality rate due to heart failure.

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