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Tourism Therapy

Medical tourism or in other words health tourism is a trip that is carried out with the purpose of treatment in the destination country, one of the reasons for this type of treatment is the lack of similar treatment methods and due to high costs in the country of origin. Considering the appropriate medical tariffs in Iran compared to other Western and neighboring countries and providing high-quality medical services, Ebnesina provides a wide range of comprehensive services in the field of health tourism. Such that the process of examination, diagnosis and treatment besides a pleasant residence for the patient and relatives in private rooms is easily planned.

You can simply refer to Ebnesina Hospital website and contact the IPD expert through the online menu of the International Patients Department (IPD). The IPD Expert of Ebnesina Private Hospital, will provide you with all the necessary information and answer your questions with patience. In this stage you will be asked to submit your medical documents to the IPD Expert. You can submit the documents through email. The IPD Expert will discuss your medical records with the specialists and doctors of the related field and after thorough evaluations, a description of the treatment will be provided to you.

In case of your request, a visit time will be determined for you to come to Ebnesina Hospital and an exact timetable will be provided to you. You can check your circumstances on the relevant dates based on the timetable and take necessary measures for your travel.

When you arrive at Ebnesina Hospital on determined dates, the IPD Expert will welcome you and help you with creating your medical record, so that the process of collecting and registering your personal and medical data will be hastened. Then you and your companions will be guided to places allocated to you to take a rest after travel and get ready for medical examinations and tests. Should you need any foodstuff, clothes or special tools, you can tell the employees of the department, and they will help you feel comfortable and at peace during residence in the hospital. Meanwhile your personal data and medical records, will be investigated and confirmed by Head of IPD.

Whenever you are ready, the tests and examinations will be performed. The test results can help to determine the treatment process more accurately. Ebnesina Hospital always tries to accelerate the provision of treatment services in accordance with your acceptable time period, without disrupting the quality of the services. The enjoyment of a specialized space for international patients in accordance with world standards and the presence of numerous surgeons and specialists in Ebnesina Private Hospital, has greatly shortened waiting time of receiving medical services for the international patients.

VIP service

Communicating by phone or e-mail before going to the hospital so that, if necessary, according to the type of illness, the necessary consultations are done and the reservation of the patient’s treatment is determined in advance, and the approximate cost of the treatment is estimated and announced to the patient before the trip.

  • Coordination with the attending physician and all hospital units such as inpatient department, operating room, and financial affairs is done to facilitate the patient treatment process.

  • Accompaniment from the airport to the airport: the international patient reception department of Ebnesina Hospital will be with the patient from the moment they arrive in Iran. This companionship started from the reception at the airport and continues throughout his stay at the hospital.

  • Attention and companionship: due to the presence of translators who are fluent in different languages, you will not have any communication problems. Translators fluent in different languages are present by your side in all stages.

  • Travel tours: according to Iran’s tourist attractions, Ebnesina Hospital provides these conditions through a contract with reputable travel agencies so that you can have a memorable trip to Iran by participating in attractive tours.

For the well-being of international patients, facilities such as the following have been provided inside the hospital:

  • -English, Arabic and Turkish translator
  • -Staff fluent in English
  • -Taxi service
  • -Bank for currency exchange
  • -Relief ambulance
  • -Private rooms
  • -The potential for ordering different types of foods
  • -Prayer room
  • -Coffee Shop

Before coming to Ebnesina Hospital, please note that the cost of excellent medical services in this hospital and generally, in Iran, is much lower than the cost of similar services in developed countries. The specialist and subspecialist doctors in all of medical fields provide treatments similar to those provided in European and American Countries, using up-to-date modern equipment of the most world-renowned brands, though the cost of these services in Iran is considerably lower than the Europe and America. In order to know the costs, you can ask the IPD Expert for an assessment of treatment costs before coming to Ebnesina Hospital. The IPD Expert will consult the IPD financial unit and inform you about the approximate cost of your treatment and residence. 

Iran has always been associated with many mysteries for tourists from different countries, and after traveling to Iran, tourists have become amazed and fascinated by the historical, cultural and spiritual beauty of Iranians. During your trip to Iran, in addition to receiving treatment at a very low cost, you can visit the historical monuments of Iran, the luxurious palaces located in the city of Tehran, and the very beautiful and dreamy combination of the green forests and the blue sea of the northern cities of Iran, which are less than 5 hours away from Tehran. Enjoy and bring a memorable trip for you and your companions

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