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Pathobiology Laboratory

The Ebnesina Hospital Laboratory enjoying highly advanced equipment and skillful technologists, provides a wide range of services in different fields of diagnostic and pathologic laboratory tests.

The pathobiology laboratory of the Hospital is equipped with the modern and advanced equipments and facilities under the supervision of the experienced personnel with the aim of quick and accurate detection of the tissue samples and the clinical biochemistry, hematology, pathology, microbiology, serology, parasitology, molecular pathology (PCR) and the specific tests exclusively in these centers, thus the 24-hour services are provided for all patients.


Some features of Pathobiology Laboratory of Ebnesina Hospital:

  • Performing health check-up tests
  • Conducting all molecular tests
  • Perform all virology tests
  • Performing all immunology and allergy tests
  • Home sampling of elderly and disabled people
  • Responding to specialized tests for heart diseases, pregnancy, thyroid panel, etc. with the best possible methods and in the fastest time
  • Delivery of test results at home
  • Presentation of test results online


This laboratory is operating in accordance with the general regulations of the Health Labs Department of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and the standards of its implementation.

آزمایشگاه پاتوبیولوژی بیمارستان ابن سینا

Pathobiology Laboratory of Ebnesina Overnight Clinic

The pathobiology laboratory of Ebnesina 24-hour clinic is located on the second floor of Ebnesina Clinic, and it performs all laboratory and pathobiology services (such as performing routine, cardiac, thyroid, hepatitis, AIDS, and pregnancy tests) for emergency patients, clinics and all clients who have been introduced to this collection from other centers and doctors.



  • Admission
  • Receive the necessary samples
  • Announcing the time of test results
  • Delivery test results on time


The laboratory is 24-hour active every day, except for holidays, from 7:00 AM to 19:00 (Tests that should be fasting until 12:30 PM), accepting and receiving samples.

Test delivery times from 16:00 to 18:00 p.m. based on the time announced on the invoice.


For online test result you can visit the following link with the inquiry number indicated on the bill and his mobile phone number.


Also, for the convenience of dear customers, it is possible to send the test result on Telegram, so customers can receive their test result by using the number 09370492422.



Opening Hours