History of Ebnesina hospital

History of Ebnesina hospital

The main policies of the hospital The Vision and mission of the hospital The Hospital strategies

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History of Ebnesina hospital

Ebnesina Hospital is a private specialty and subspecialty hospital established on june 2016, to provide advanced health, treatment and medical services based on human values and dignity

Ebnesina 24-hour clinic was founded in 1351 by Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Reza Zare and Dr. Morteza Salem.

Despite the establishment of more than ten medical centers within a few hundred meters from Sadeghieh Square in the past four decades, the most reliable medical center in the region is Ebnesina Hospital, which provides medical services to more than a thousand people in the region every day.

Today, after half a century of Ebnesina Clinic’s activity, the active clinics operate separately with the use of expert and experienced doctors in all specialized fields.

Ebnesina is one of the best equipped hospitals in Iran, established in accordance with the latest hospital standards, and designed and constructed as a general hospital, enjoying well equipped operation rooms for all specialty and subspecialty fields. The presence of prominent experienced doctors and committed personnel, has made this hospital the best private hospital in Iran in the hearts and minds of the patients.

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Message of the founders:

Ebnesina Medical Group Company was established in 1992 based on the successful therapeutic activities of its founders.


Since 1992, we have established the first clinic in Sadeghieh region, and according to the needs of the region ((safe and effective treatment with reasonable cost and good quality)), we decided to establish Ebnesina Hospital in 2007.

Today, this hospital, with its excellent doctors, excellent nurses and caring staff, has provided conditions for patients to confidently refer to Ebnesina’s big family in difficult moments of illness.

We hope that Ebnesina Hospital, in the shade of effort and planning and scientific management, by using modern medical knowledge based on moral values and by providing timely and high-quality services; It has proven its distinctive competence in obtaining the satisfaction of service recipients from this center

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Continuous activity

Now, years after the establishment of the hospital, Ebnesina’s facilities and ability to provide more specialized services have developed well and are able to cover the needs of patients for advanced surgeries as well as hospitalization in general and special departments. .


Ebnesina Hospital is one of the western and southwestern regions of Tehran and is geographically located in District 5 of Tehran Municipality.

Now, after about a decade of Ebnesina Hospital and Clinic activities, Physicians Building operates separately with the use of expert and experienced doctors in all specialized fields.

Also Ebnesina Medical Group established the Ebnesina Applied Science Center in 2012 with the aim of educating and promoting social knowledge, which is currently serving the interested people with about 1000 students in various fields.

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Special Characteristics

  • Experienced doctors and committed personnel.
  • Providing modern medical services at the international level using the latest equipment in the world.
  • Equipped with the most advanced laboratories and medical imaging centers with accurate performance.
  • Providing the best and most diverse food menu to patients compared to other private hospitals in the country.
  • Contracting party with manufacturing, industrial and service organizations and companies.
  • The contract party with more than 30 complementary treatment companies and organizations.
  • Has a GMP certificate and contracts with European insurance companies such as Alliance, Vanbrada.
  • The existence of the Welcome Nurse force in order to honor patients and their companions.
  • Achievement of excellent first grade (+) based on the accreditation by the Ministry of Health.

The main policies of the hospital

  • Increased satisfaction
  • Service recipient ( Patients and companions)

  • Service provider (employees and personnel)

  •  Shareholders and Board of Directors

  • Increase patient safety

  • Revenue management

  • Reduce costs

  • Development

The Vision and mission of the hospital

The vision of the hospital

  • Providing safe and effective services up to international standards at a reasonable cost


The mission of the hospital

  • Treating and educating patients using technology, medical knowledge and the skills of expert treatment staff

The Hospital strategies

  • Quality Improvement

  • Human resources management

  • Financial resources management

  • HIS development

  • physical space Development