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Sex Reassignment Surgery

Sex Reassignment Surgery in Iran

Sex reassignment surgery requires legal permits, and it is up to the experts to determine who needs gender reassignment.

The overall process of gender reassignment involves three stages:

After the transsexual person has passed the counseling session and is still firm in his or her decision, the necessary surgeries can be performed respectively. It should be noted that the surgery is irreversible and the patient can no longer physically return to the actual sex. In women who want to change sex to a male (Female to Male), the sequence of surgeries is usually as follows, but depending on the experience of the surgeon and the patients demands, changes can be made in this sequence:

  • The first step in changing the sex of a woman to a man is to remove the breasts. There are two ways to remove breasts: The first method is to remove the breasts in two directions, along with restoring the nipple and the surrounding halo. In the second method, the breasts are removed from under the skin, which is called subcutaneous breast removal. The second method is suitable for people who have small breasts. Removal of the uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes and ovaries is also done at this stage.

Keep in mind that each of the above stages has its own side effects, and the patient may need to be hospitalized and operated on several times. In general, sex reassignment surgeries are very complex and potentially complicated and should not be taken lightly. At this stage, depending on the age and size of the patient, a tube called a flap with abdominal tissue is created.

  • During the 4-5 stages, with an approximate distance of 3 months, the basal flap tube is removed from the surface of the abdomen and turned into male genitalia.
  • Due to the common urinary tract infections and the lack of success in transforming the female urinary tract into a male one, we will not touch the patients urinary system, and the patient will be able to pass urine as before.
breast removing

First step - Removing the breasts

uterus removal

First step - The uterus Removal

flap creation

Flap Creation

male genitalia

Male genitalia Creation

Gender reassignment male to female:

In vaginoplasty, surgeons try to remove skin and tissue from a mans genitals to create the inner and outer parts of the vagina.

Gender reassignment from men to women includes:

This operation is performed in one session with 6-8 hours of surgery.

Duration of stay: 5-7 days hospitalization

Surgery time: 6-8 hours

Recovery time: 3-4 hours

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