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عمل دیسک کمر با لیزر

Laser Spine Surgery :

If back disc pain bothers you, forget your worries, because by using laser disc, you can achieve the best desired result without any complications.

In this method, without any incision in the back, laser is irradiated and reduces the pain.

What is laser spine surgery ?

Pressing on the nerves can cause symptoms such as pain, numbness and weakness that disrupt the patient’s daily activities.

In the spine, factors such as disc protrusion can cause this condition. For example, in sciatic nerve compression, the patient feels pain and discomfort in his legs and back, which can continue until the patient falls to the ground. For this reason, laser can be used to reduce pressure on nerves and improve symptoms.

عمل دیسک کمر با لیزر

What is the purpose of using a laser for the lumbar disc?

The main goal that is considered for the use of lumbar disc laser for patients is to get rid of pain and have a normal life.

  The laser reduces the pressure on the nerve in these situations. Local anesthesia is used to perform the laser on the lower back so that you do not feel uncomfortable during the treatment.

The advantage of treating lumbar disc using laser:

Who is laser disc surgery for?

Nowadays, laser surgery can be used to treat many spinal problems.

Some of these problems are:

جراحی دیسک کمر با لیزر

The final decision for your treatment should be made by the doctor considering your condition.

However, if you have the following conditions, you may be a suitable candidate for laser lumbar disc surgery:

جراحی دیسک کمر با لیزر

What is the purpose of laser spinal surgery?

Laser spine surgery is performed to remove nerve root compressions in the spine. The following factors cause nerve root pressure:

To confirm any of these conditions, your doctor will order imaging tests of your spine, including:

جراحی دیسک کمر با لیزر

After surgery:

After the laser, you’ll be taken to a recovery room where your vital signs will be monitored.

You can usually go home an hour or two after the laser. Make sure a friend or family member is going to drive you home.

عمل دیسک کمر با لیزر

Post-treatment care :

Lumbar disc treatment using laser will not require any special care due to its minimal invasiveness and least complications. But by doing these simple tips, you can prevent the rare complications of this type of treatment and achieve your desired result faster.

عمل دیسک کمر با لیزر

Recovery time:

After a discectomy, you can usually go back to work in a few days to a few weeks, although it may take up to three months to return to normal activities.

The length of the recovery period can vary from two to four weeks or less, or up to eight to 12 weeks for more demanding jobs that require heavy lifting.

During the first two weeks of recovery, you will likely have several restrictions as your spine heals, including:

Your doctor may refer you to physical therapy to help with your recovery. Physical therapy usually starts with sessions two to three times a week for four to six weeks.

عمل دیسک کمر با لیزر

Remember that:

Avoid being in one position for long periods of time, which includes lying down, sitting, or standing

As your recovery progresses, you can gradually increase the time or distance you walk, participate in all the physical therapy sessions that are scheduled for you, as recommended by your doctor.

جراحی دیسک کمر با لیزر


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