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علائم کرونا

Cause, common symptoms and difference between corona virus and seasonal Allergies :

One of the worrisome cases is the simultaneous occurrence of seasonal allergies and the spread of corona disease، Unfortunately, some of the symptoms of seasonal allergies are similar to the symptoms of corona, but there are signs and symptoms that can be identified to a large extent that a person is suffering from corona or allergies.

Causes and symptoms of allergic rhinitis :

Allergic rhinitis is classified into two types: seasonal and perennial:

With the beginning of spring season, seasonal allergy or nasal allergy (allergic rhinitis) spreads. This type of allergy occurs in mild climate and plant pollen.

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asthma and allergies; Tree pollen in spring, grass pollen at the beginning of summer, weed pollen at the end of summer and early fall as allergens outside the home environment cause allergy symptoms in these patients.

In this type of allergy, it is often caused by allergens inside the home such as mites, wool and feathers of pets such as dogs, cats and cockroaches.

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Covid 19 disease:

Corona disease caused by the Covid-19 virus is a type of viral disease, the main cause of which is a member of the family of coronaviruses. There are other causes of acute respiratory diseases in this family. The main characteristic of this virus is its tendency to infect and reproduce in the respiratory system.

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The common symptoms and main differences between seasonal allergies and corona disease:

In both diseases, there is a symptom of cough, and from this symptom, it is not possible to distinguish whether a person is suffering from the corona virus or a seasonal allergy.

The differences between these two diseases:

علائم کرونا

Notable point :

All the mentioned symptoms for respiratory allergy and corona disease are not fixed and absolute. These symptoms are relative and may vary, in general, if people have any symptoms similar to corona, they should also consult their doctor.

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