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Nerve and muscle tape is a diagnostic method that can check the health of nerves and muscles and control their reactions (motor neurons) to nerve stimulation. Nerve and muscle tape clinic of Ibn Sina superspeciality hospital with the use of expert doctors And new and modern equipment is ready to serve respected clients of all ages .

What does the muscle band do?

To put it simply, the human body is made up of millions of neurons that are responsible for transmitting messages from the muscles to the brain and vice versa, the existence of a disorder in each of these neurons, whether in terms of the destruction of the myelin sheath, the destruction of the nerve itself, and the creation of scars , the pinching and crushing of the nerve and the like can cause problems in the transmission of messages, and the manifestation of these problems will be through symptoms such as numbness in the hands and feet, tingling, pain in the muscles, etc., the nerve and muscle tape test can Diagnose the problems and then choose treatment methods based on the neurologist’s diagnosis .

What is nerve and muscle tape for diagnosis?

The nerve and muscle strip test or electromyography is performed to measure the health and function of the nerve and muscle. The nerve and muscle tape sample begins by placing an electrode on the desired muscle or area to record the electrical activity of the involved muscle. When the nerve does not work properly and does not perform its functions, the transmission of the message is disturbed. At this time, one of the ways to test the nerve and muscle is the electrode diagnostic method, in which the intensity, speed and other characteristics of the electric current flowing in your nerve are recorded.

How is this test done?

During this test, flat electrodes are placed at intervals on the nerve to be tested. A low-intensity electric current is injected to stimulate the nerves. The speed of transmission of electrical impulses through nerves is determined when images of electrical impulses are displayed on an oscilloscope or computer screen. If the reaction is much slower than the normal speed, it means that the myelin sheath is damaged. If the nerve’s response to stimulation by the current is reduced, but the conduction has a relatively normal speed, then damage has been done to the nerve axon. In general, there is little discomfort in this test because the electrical stimulus is small and usually minimally felt by the patient. The possible amount can be felt. Along the nerve and muscle strip, the needle that is inserted directly into the muscle records the electrical activities of the muscle, and the electrodes that are placed on the skin record the speed and strength of the signals .

Band of nerves and muscles of the hand

When your hand constantly murmurs or you feel sleepy and tingling in your hand, a nerve strip is taken to investigate and find the reason. In this way, the location of nerve entrapment, weakening of the hand muscles, or the pressure of the cervical disc on the nerve is one of the things that can be detected with this test. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common diseases that are diagnosed with the nerve and muscle tape of the hand. In this disease, the nerve in the person’s wrist is under pressure, and as a result, the person feels pain and swelling in his palm or has symptoms of falling asleep in his three side fingers. At this time, nerve and muscle tape is used .

Lumbar nerve strip

If a nerve in your back or pelvis is involved in arthritis or damage, for example, due to a lumbar disc, your nerve has been pressed, the reason for the numbness or tingling in your leg is diagnosed with a nerve and muscle tape .

What does the leg nerve tape determine?

To be more precise, what is the foot nerve strip for? It should be said that if you have a disease that affects your nerve, such as neuropathy or myopathy, the nerve and muscle strip is used for diagnosis. Often severe leg pain and even knee pain can be due to pressure on the nerves related to the spine. Also, foot muscle nerve strip is used to diagnose the cause of foot muscle weakness, constant hot or cold soles, or pinched nerves in the soles or ankles .

Nerve and muscle tape to diagnose MS

Nerve and muscle tape is used to diagnose the cause of numbness in the hand or check for symptoms related to MS. This test is only used to diagnose problems caused by MS and is not used to diagnose MS .

What is a cervical nerve band?

In patients who have neck disc or arthritis, they use the method of neck muscle and nerve band detection .

What are the risks of nerve and muscle tape?

The voltage of the electric pulses used during the nerve strip is very low and does not pose a risk to the patient and does not cause much pain. In the muscle strip, a thin needle is inserted into the muscle, which is very different from the injection needle and causes slight discomfort. The risks depend on your specific medical condition. If you have a heart pacemaker, tell your doctor, as precautions may be taken. In addition to showing the severity of the injury, the muscle nerve strip test also shows the location of the nerve involvement and is very helpful. It helps the doctor to easily decide whether to treat the patient through surgery or try to improve the patient with the same non-surgical treatments .

Why tape and nerve and muscle?

Your doctor may prescribe nerve and muscle testing when you have signs and symptoms of muscle or nerve cell disorders. Some of these symptoms are :

  • Muscle pain or cramps
  • Pain in some parts
  • muscle weakness
  • Tingling
  • numb

In the needle nerve and muscle tape, an electrode needle is inserted directly into the muscle to record the electrical activity in the muscle. The study of nerve conduction, which is another part of the nerve and muscle tape, consists of electrodes attached to the skin. (surface electrodes) are used to measure the speed and strength of signal transmission between two points. Finally, the results of the nerve and muscle strip test can indicate nerve disorders, muscle dysfunction, or other problems related to signal transmission from nerve to muscle. reveal _

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